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Setting a new standard for canine nutrition

Our Mission

“To help dogs thrive through quality natural nutrition”

Most dog owners’ number one goal is to know their canine companions are living their best life. Yet too many dogs are being sold short when it comes to one of the critical foundations for achieving a long, healthy and happy life — NUTRITION.

The influential marketing myths created by giant pet food corporations have misled consumers for decades about what constitutes healthy dog food, so much so that the accepted norm for dog food is about as far from natural feeding as it’s possible to get.

Sadly, intensively processed, additive filled food with little nutritional value has become the main staple of many dogs’ diets. We aim to redress the narrative about what healthy dog food actually is and help more dogs experience the effects of a fresh, natural diet by:

1. Creating raw dog food meals, premium support supplements and natural treats that are convenient, clean and as close to nature as a dog’s diet can get

2. Raising awareness and providing education on the nutritional science-backed truth about dog food.

See our Ditch The Dry page to learn more.

The realisation came for Heidi Maskelyne, founder and CEO of ProDog Raw, following the devastating loss of her dogs Phoenix and Drago, both to cancer and both well before their time.

Heidi thought she’d given her boys the best of everything, including the best food. Yet despite her good-hearted intentions, they still developed a devastating disease. Something didn’t add up and Heidi made it her mission to find out why this had happened to her beloved boys. After lots of research, the facts were becoming more and more apparent – dogs have evolved to thrive on a fresh, natural diet consisting of meat, bone, and organ meats.

Armed with this information, the light bulb moment came after reading the ingredient breakdown on the back of the bag of kibble she had fed to her dogs. The ‘stuff’ in the bag was so far away from the natural food that dogs are designed to eat it was astonishing. After digging deeper, Heidi started to see through the exceptionally clever marketing messages many processed pet food companies use. Determined to help other loving dog owners do better for their dogs’ health and happiness, ProDog was born.

“At least as humans, we have a choice over what we eat. Dogs are 100% reliant on their owners to fill their food bowls. I want to make sure dog owners are armed with the facts and resources to give them the food nature intended.”

Heidi Maskelyne

By providing great product ranges and empowering customers with facts about canine nutrition, ProDog endeavour every day to allow more dogs to experience The Raw Food Effect

Switching to a quality raw food diet is proven to deliver exceptional health benefits to dogs.

Here’s what to expect:

Balanced energy
Fresher breath and cleaner teeth
Improved appetite
Reduced body odour
Pick upable poop
Improved mobility
Reduction in allergy symptoms
Glossier coat and improved skin condition

Find out more about the benefits of raw feeding.

“Energy, stamina, strength, health, happiness, a coat to turn heads and odours that don’t. Feed your dog the way nature intended and let your dog experience the raw food effect!”

We Promise

To put quality first
To deliver an award-winning customer experience
To ensure ProDog has a positive impact on the world

Quality First

We believe dogs deserve the absolute best when it comes to nutrition, so we’ve created our extensive range of raw dog food, canine nutritional support supplements and healthy treats, selecting only quality, ethically sourced natural ingredients.

ProDog food ranges

We offer an extensive range of food options, all carefully designed to offer flexibility and variety for every dog, regardless of age or nutritional requirement. Our recipes are expertly formulated and endorsed by veterinary professionals. ProDog Raw are delighted to work alongside the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

By feeding ProDog Raw you can be assured you are providing your dog with optimal nutrition. Packed with the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats they require to thrive and live a healthy, happy life.

We never use industry-standard fillers and only ever species-appropriate ingredients, ensuring every single component delivers the vital nutrients essential to a dog’s health. All our British sourced ingredients are from DEFRA approved and British Farm certified sources. ALL our meat comes from human-quality production sources, either ethically managed wild sources or farms operating with the best possible welfare practices (and, wherever possible, the livestock is pasture reared).

From farm to food bowl.
ProDog food production is first-rate

    • Because our food is DEFRA (Department of Farming and Rural Affairs) approved we have stringent quality control and testing criteria we must meet by law. ProDog chooses to go above and beyond these requirements.
    • Our factory is UK Pet Food certified (formally PFMA Pet Food Manufacturers Association). The leading trade body for the UK pet food industry also has a strict code of practice providing further assurance of quality.
    • ProDog’s food production team has over 100 years of combined experience in food manufacturing. This abundance of knowledge, expertise and experience means the ProDog team makes the finest quality raw dog food you can TRUST.
    • Our food is formulated in small 100 kg batches. This is less cost-effective than operating at larger capacity, but it’s essential for balanced distribution of ingredients and to deliver the absolute best quality recipe.
    • Each batch we make is specifically tested for Salmonella and E.coli as per DEFRA requirements. Food only leaves our premises once test results confirm the food is certified.
    • All our Complete Formula and Puppy Formula meals meet strict FEDIAF standards and guidelines; this means the raw dog food within these ranges provides balanced nutrient levels to support optimal growth, health and vitality, using only natural ingredients that deliver a truly satisfying feeding experience for your dog. 

    More about FEDIAF guidelines

    FEDIAF is the organisation which sets out the nutritional guidelines for all pet food in Europe. FEDIAF nutritional guidelines consist of recommended nutrient levels for pet foods based on scientific review of vast numbers of peer-reviewed pet food nutrition studies. 

    The recommendations provide minimum and maximum nutrient levels needed to prevent deficiencies from developing or nutrient toxicity from occurring. Whilst the guidelines are voluntary recommendations, as opposed to legal requirements, we chose to tweak our recipes to meet the standards to offer you even more nutritional quality assurance. 

    As a dog owner, this means that by feeding ProDog Complete Formula or Puppy Formula raw meals, you can feel confident you are providing the building blocks necessary for optimal canine health. 

    Whilst FEDIAF guidelines lay out recommended nutrient levels, they do not differentiate between synthetic and wholefood forms of those nutrients. Our expert nutritional team is committed to ensuring every ingredient in ProDog products are from wholefood sources because nutrients taken from natural sources are far more bioavailable and digested more effectively than synthetic ones.

    Ultimately, this means we are confident the nutrient content of our food is easily absorbed and assimilated by the canine digestive system, therefore exceeding FEDIAF minimal expectations, with the aim of ensuring your dog truly thrives.

ProDog nutritional supplements

We formulate our quality all-natural supplements as food topper powders to be easily added to your dog’s dinner, regardless of what’s in the bowl. ProDog supplements are designed to add mealtime enrichment to any type of dog food kibble, tinned dog food, insect diet, vegan, raw etc. Each supplement is expertly blended to provide targeted support, offering nutritional solutions for the nine most common areas of canine health and wellness.

Our dog supplements are made with ingredients that are species-appropriate and bioavailable, meaning that a dog’s body can easily extract the nutrient content from each component. We only ever use natural ingredients from wholefood sources, such as recognised superfoods, nutraceuticals, herbs and functional foods.

We do not include dairy-based whey in our protein blends. Instead, we use proteins derived from plant-based sources. As such, even those dogs with a more sensitive constitution can digest the natural ingredients found in these supplements. Containing zero fillers or bulking agents, every single element has a specific purpose and is selected to work in perfect synergy, ensuring our supplements provide powerful natural nutritional support.

ProDog natural treats

Treat consumption is where a healthy diet can fall short for some dogs. This is why sourcing the best quality, healthy treats is essential so that you can reward your dog without nutritional compromise. Whether treats factor in your dog’s lifestyle to help with training, enrichment activities, or to simply spoil your dog, we have a tasty reward to suit.

ProDog’s range of healthy dog treats are gently dehydrated or air dried to preserve the nutritional composition. Intensively refined and processed dog food and treats are created using very high heat temperatures, destroying the nutritional quality of the raw ingredients. Therefore, we ensure all our treats are created using gentle processes that allow the ingredients to remain as close to their natural form as possible.

All are made from quality proteins with zero colourings, E numbers or synthetic preservatives.

Guilt-free rewards, 100% natural & delicious

*May cause side effects such as incessant tail wagging, excited grins and drooling with delight

  • Dehydrated, natural dog treats
  • Zero no colourings, E numbers or synthetic preservatives
  • Super tasty, the perfect dog training reward
  • High protein, low fat and easily digestible
  • Grain, gluten and sugar-free
  • A large variety of single protein options
  • Novel options for dogs who have sensitivities to more commonly farmed proteins
  • Omega-rich for healthy joints and glossy coats
  • Bones and natural chews to promote dental hygiene, healthy teeth and gums
  • Treats for all breeds – large and small (even the power chewers)

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Award-winning customer experience

Lloyds Bank business award winner 2020 for customer experience

Meeting the needs of dogs and their humans

For every purchase, we know there are two customers, you and your dog. Dogs can be fussy and ultimately if we don’t satisfy them, we lose their custom. Of equal importance is you. We endeavour to provide you with the best customer service because we know experience is everything.

Our customer commitments:

Speedy responses

All enquiries are dealt with quickly, seven days per week via email or social media direct messaging. We endeavour to reply to every single enquiry within 24 hrs, but very often respond far faster. We also provide callbacks five days per week to those customers who require a little more in-depth advice or for those experiencing a complex issue.

Our web pages are also jam packed with help and advice so that you can get the information you need instantly. Whether your question relates to ordering and delivery, the best treats to feed your dog, how to start the switch to a raw dog food diet, or countless other topics, you’ll likely find the answers there. Use the handy search bar at the top of every web page to explore any keyword.

Rewards worth having

ReRAWds and Woofural scheme
Our loyalty and referral schemes launched in March 2020 with an industry-leading bonus of £25 per customer referred to ProDog. Our loyalty rewards means you can collect Doggio points to exchange for discounts vouchers.


Solutions that meet you and your dogs’ needs

The ProDog team is always ready to create the next new product or service to make your life easier, or your dog’s life better.

Check out our most recent additions

Economy Core Range

Feb 2023

New 10Kg bundle options

October 2022

Colostrum Immune support supplement

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Novel protein treats range

August 2022

Duck 80:10:10 recipe

July 2022

KiKi Probiotics

June 2022

Digest digestive support supplement

May 2022

New bundle options

April 2022

Scottish Bone Broth

Feb 2022

We need your input in order to continue providing the best products that truly meet your needs. Drop us a line if you have an idea.

Expert advice and guidance

Investing in expertise is a top priority. Canine nutrition is an ever evolving science. We ensure therefore, that we have dedicated, qualified individuals within the team, who keep up to date with the latest industry developments, guaranteeing we can provide the absolute best advice and guidance whilst also being confident our product ranges remain the best in the marketplace.

Contact us today for specialist feeding advice

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ProDog's positive impact

At ProDog Raw, we strive to make a difference in more ways than one. Environmental, social and educational impact are all important to us. Recognising that as a UK-based business, we can influence the lives of many through all three avenues.

The ProDog Team

We are lucky to have a talented and expert bunch of people within the ProDog pack. Every individual that works with or for us is exceptionally dedicated because there is one value that we all agree on without question or debate.

This ProDog foundational value means that your dog is hugely important to all of us. Within every area of the business, from dispatch to marketing to product development and beyond, your dog’s health and happiness is top priority. You can rest assured your dog’s nutritional needs are in safe hands with team ProDog.

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