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Advanced, high-specification, natural support supplements - formulated to harness the power of nature

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Our award-winning blends of the finest, human-quality botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods deliver a powerful boost of key nutrients, vitamins and minerals to enable dogs to operate at their absolute physical and mental peak

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  • Researched and tested for optimum results
  • Easy and convenient to use alongside any type of dog food
  • Scientifically formulated by our team of canine nutritional experts
  • Only premium, human-quality, 100% natural, species-appropriate ingredients
  • Absolutely zero artificial additives, fillers, preservatives, synthetic ingredients or chemicals
  • Unique formulas each specifically designed to target one of the six key areas of canine health Expertly blended to ensure individual ingredients enhance and complement one another

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Formulated to harness the power of nature


An advanced high-specification, natural dietary supplement. Expertly formulated using premium grade ingredients to deliver powerful joint, bone and cartilage support for dogs.

  1. Powerful joint & cartilage support
  2. Bolsters immune function
  3. Promotes mobility & flexibility
  4. Enhances coat and skin health
  5. Natural anti-inflammatory effect


Our champion best-selling dog supplement, designed to help dogs achieve ultimate muscle definition, condition, health and vitality.

  1. Optimal strength and muscle gain
  2. Improves stamina and performanceEnhances cognitive focus
  3. Elite conditioning from the inside out
  4. Species-appropriate ingredients, promoting effective digestion


Expertly formulated, blend of vitality enhancing ingredients. The perfect supplement to enhance & replenish energy levels. The nutritional boost dogs need after a hard day working, during or following an illness, or simply as a pick me up.

  1. Immune system reinforcement
  2. Enhances performance
  3. Maintains lean muscle and sustained strength
  4. Natural detoxifying qualities
  5. Replenishes energy levels


An advanced dog supplement blend designed to assist healthy weight gain for dogs.This powerhouse blend maximises premium grade protein levels, delivering the 10 specific amino acids dogs need for optimal mass and definition, enhancing power, speed and strength.

  1. Maximises muscle mass and power
  2. Vital vitamin and mineral replenishment
  3. Physique protection-superior micronutrient support
  4. Optimises strength, speed and stamina
  5. Species-appropriate ingredients, promoting effective digestion


A complete conditioner that promotes vitality, well-being, health and performance. A simple way to harness the power of nature to enrich nutritional intake daily alongside a dog’s regular diet.

  1. Peak conditioner – delivering all essential amino acids
  2. Immune function reinforcement
  3. Aids performance, stamina and strength
  4. Glossy coat and healthy skin
  5. Unique vitamin and mineral blend


A rejuvenating, show standard supplement, formulated by experts to ensure a pristine coat, reinforced by a smooth, healthy skin condition.

  1. Dynamic conditioning from the inside out
  2. Show quality glossy coat and healthy skin
  3. Superior micronutrient support
  4. Natural detoxifier
  5. Unique bioavailable blend


Focus on the root cause of allergies, namely poor gut health and a weakened immune system. Used as a daily dietary addition, Protect gives long lasting relief to dogs suffering with gut or skin issues, supporting the prevention of allergy symptoms.

  1. Powerful gut health support
  2. Bolsters immune function
  3. Balances inflammatory response
  4. Aids healthy histamine response
  5. Promotes effective digestion


An advanced, natural digestive supplement for dogs. Daily use, internal conditioner, formulated to help cleanse, detoxify, fuel friendly bacteria levels, sustain the overall integrity of the digestive system. Digest also delivers powerful antioxidant support to help maintain health at a
cellular level.

  1. Supports effective digestive function
  2. Maintains a balanced inflammatory response
  3. Fuels beneficial bacteria in the gut
  4. Internal conditioning and detox support
  5. Promotes glossy coat and healthy skin


A powerful immune support supplement. A powdered form of nutrient dense, cows’ first milk packed with immunoglobulins, minerals and prebiotics. Supports the integrity of the immune system by targeting the root (the
gut), thereby also enriching digestion, overall wellbeing, performance
and condition. Beneficial to ALL dogs. This formula is a fantastic daily use addition.

  1. Powerful immune function support
  2. Maintains a balanced inflammatory response
  3. Aids a healthy gut environment
  4. Promotes effective digestion
  5. Assists skin healing and condition when applied topically

Scottish Bone Broth

Our premium Scottish Bone Broths are a supplemental superfood designed to complement any dog’s diet. A choice of five recipes, naturally packed with vitamins and minerals and a choice of two, infused with carefully selected herbs. This nutrient-dense stock is an excellent addition to ANY dog’s diet.

  1. Digestive health support
  2. Joint and mobility enrichment
  3. Nourishment for healthy immune function
  4. Raw food transition aid
  5. Helpful for dogs with poor appetite

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